Autonomous infrastructure

Autonomous and infrastructure in one sentence. As title even. A seemingly impossible conflict. Or?


This page lists anti-capitalist, anti-hierarchy, autonomous revolutionary individuals and collectives providing free or mutual aid services to radical and grassroots activists.


We take the concept of autonomy from radical geography scholarships and practices that understand autonomy as a desire for freedom (to act or not), self-organization and mutual aid whereas we understand the term infrastructure in an expansive way meaning, but not limited to: code, software, hardware, design, space, social solidarities, etc.

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Interesting read: “For Free Information and Open Internet Independent journalists, community media and hacktivists take action” (pdf): Hacklabs and Hackerspaces: Shared Machine Workshops (maxigas) – starts on page 145
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Autonomous servers

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Federated social media

Facebook can be useful for organising campaigns because it is free, allows for high levels of engagement, and people are used to it. BUT, it is involved in supporting the surveillance state, your campaign may be suspended at any time, your data is no longer your data (it is owned by facebook) and you are supporting a centralised networking system.

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Alternatives are crabgrass (riseup[dot]net runs on it), diaspora, foxglove, jappix, movin and lorea.

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Existing (federated) social media:

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Solidarity networks

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