Hacking petty tyrants

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The “petty tyrants” are mentioned in The Fire Within:

  • Tyrant: primal source of energy, ruler of the universe (loose translation for the less esoterical: Life is a bitch/basterd, and then your die).
  • Petty Tyrants are tyrannical rulers or authoritarian persons who actually hold power over life or death of others. See Covert Operations.
  • Minor Petty Tyrants are tormentors who are fearsome and inflict misery, but do not hold any real power over life or death of others.
  • Little Petty Tyrants torment with violence and cruelty; inducing fear through deviousness; subjugating another through sadness; or by making another act in anger rage.
  • Teensy-weensy Petty tyrants are tormentors who are just frustrating, exasperating and annoy to distraction.

504340afe8b85Dealing with Petty Tyrants calls for four qualities of warriorship: control, discipline, forbearance and timing.

History of trolling

While the term “troll” has become wildly muddied, it did have to come from somewhere …

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Defense from trolling

You can not control whether you will become a target, and you can decide if you will be a victim. Knowing that the troll’s goal is to elicit a reaction instead of a response, you can initially use the famous “Don’t Feed The Trolls!” defense, but if maintained this gives the trolls even more power as it gives them the power to silence you.

IMHO a great exercise in not giving my own power and not taking someone elses power away.  My response depends. On how busy I am with other things that I enjoy more, on a quick profiling scan of the attackers

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And then troll your trolls with multiple identities appeared:

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Defense from cyberbullying

  • Don’t reply to messages from cyberbullies – this is exactly what cyberbullies want. They want to know that they’ve got you worried and upset. They are trying to mess with your mind and control you, to put fear into you. Don’t give them that.
  • Do not keep this to yourself. You are NOT alone and you did NOT do anything to deserve this. Tell someone you know and trust.
  • Do not erase or delete messages from cyberbullies – Do not read it, but keep it, it is evidence. You may get similar messages from other accounts. Note the accounts. Friends, your ISP, and/or telephone company can perhaps use these messages to help you. If you notice certain words or phrases that are also used by people you know, write them down. You can do a little research of your own to provide those you ask for help with more information.
  • Protect yourself – Never arrange to meet with someone unless you take someone with you. Make sure it is in a public place.
  • You may need to delete your current e-mail and social media accounts, phone accounts and set up new ones (unless you are keeping the account(s) active to try and catch the cyber bully).
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Defense from smear campaigns

In many countries, the law recognizes the value of reputation and credibility. Both libel (a false and damaging publication) and slander (a false and damaging oral statement) are often punishable by law and may result in imprisonment or compensation or fees for damages done. But what if the smear campaign is done by governments? You can choose to play hardball, and in order to maintain unpredictability, not give your power away.

Note: if you’re already in the middle of a ruin-life campaign, perhaps you may want to adopt one of the strategies listed here.

  • Act fast. One of the keys to fighting a smear campaign is to act quickly and decisively in response to the accusations. Even if the accusations are insinuated and indirect, you still need to identify what they are, formulate a plan and alert others that there is a smear campaign being conducted against you. Time is not on your side so the faster you act the better.
  • Respond with a circumspect defense. One of the worst things you can do is respond with righteous indignation. Instead, take a defense that makes the accuser seem stupid for even thinking what they are accusing. Stay calm and confident in your defense and be sure to show that the charges are laughable, if not borderline insane.
  • Recruit and intimidate. This is where you start to play hardball. You first need to recruit allies onto your side. Use friends, people who owe you and other contacts who can help you get information about your accuser and get the information into parts of the news media. Then, go to other people involved with the accuser and threaten legal action if they do not recant and distance themselves from those conducting the smear campaign.
  • Make the accuser into the accused. Once you are primed to go to battle you need to go on the offensive. Get personal by identifying not just the groups but the individuals who are waging the smear campaign against you. Consider nothing off limits and throw out any idea you have about a statute of limitations on things the accuser might have done in the past. Get as much dirt as you can and start flinging it in a very public way.
  • Continue relentlessly. To effectively fight a smear campaign, you need to erase from people’s memory that you were ever even accused. To do so, turn the smear campaign against you into a scandal about your opponent. Continue to attack relentlessly, even when it seems like you’ve won. Try to stay as anonymous as possible in your attack by tipping off local media anonymously and don’t be afraid to sue your accuser for libel or damages.

In any case, you may want to “kill your identity” that is currently under attack and switch to another identity, separated according to your contact circles and to your specific needs.
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